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This is an incantation against the coronavirus based on the old

Forest Finns shaman traditions from Scandinavia.

It contains an original incantation against sore (Turskan Luku)

recorded by Kaisa Vilhuinen (1855-1941) in 1926, read in finnish.     

The other incantation read by AquaRex is based on another

incantation against illness (Pyhännenän Luku).

The incantations are bound together by singing in Latin with a Christian message.

The acoustic instrument, used on this recording, is the 5-string kantele originally used by the Finno-Ugrian shamans.

The Forest Finns settled down in Scandinavia in the 16th

century and they brought with them these ancient incantations which they used in secret to heal people until the 1960's.

I hope this incantation will help against the spread of the coronavirus.

Please use this incantation with respect.

Saturday Night is a new song by artist L'OveB.

It's a "Happy Valentine" song - made by Ove,

who's born on February 14th.

Happy Valentine L'Ove!

Released: February 14th 2021

Don't say No  is a new song by artist L'OveB.

Released: April 14th 2021